I'm Robert.

I am a photographer who shoots wildlife and landscapes in the Midwest who has been doing this for over 10 years,


From Grass-Roots Beginnings

I am inspired by the magic of Nature flowing into my soul from the forest association to my childhood's memories. I enjoyed the Master of Carpentry taught by my father and the nice scent of wood becoming art in a new shape in my father's skilled hands.


Firts Steps

My father gave me my first PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERA. His unforgettable present marked my life. At that instant I felt in love with photography. I spent a lot of time exploring the beauty in wood and nature for keeping it alive in time in my first pictures.



Photography Passion was growing up as time went by and I became a teenager photographer dreaming with lenses and images healing my sorrows and strengthening my body and soul. As passion grew up I became an adult photographer full of hope, love and dreams.



Looking Deeper

When I take pictures I look deeper into Nature and it touches my spirit roots grounded deep in the earth and my soul flyes right to the sky when I hear the whispers of Nature beauty.


The Call of Nature

Nature is a permanent magnet-like force enchanting my soul with the poetry of colorful living creatures and the whole Nature beauty around us. Beauty is just waiting for us to discover it and I try to do it from my heart.



I try to capture different Nature Moments in an image showing nature" s secrets as smiles. I hear the music of my own soul in the beauty songs of nature offering me what I look for.


Creating Artwork

What you see in pictures depends on what you feel due to your previous and present emotions shading the picture's impact. An open heart ready to listen to Nature's music in a wild way is vital for enjoying the beauty of Nature in pictures that enrich human spirit and life.

I enjoy creating photographic artwork showing creative forms of artistic images of my feelings. My artwork expresses my soul's messages and emotions. It shows my artistic expression of Nature or my tribute to celebrities that have caused important emotional impact in my life.